Rotary Club of Pearlridge, Mana Loa Nimitz Lions unite at Puuloa Springs for wonderful day of service

By Barry Villamil

President-Elect, Rotary Club of Pearlridge

Member, Mana Loa Nimitz Lions Club

I would like to send my heartfelt appreciation to fellow Mana Loa Nimitz Lions Club community volunteers who came together Saturday morning to clean and beautify the Puuloa Springs Native Hawaiian Garden in Pearl City. The Puuloa Springs Native Hawaiian Garden is located along the Pearl Harbor Bike Path and historic, blessed Pearl Harbor shoreline that stretches (heading West) from around Blaisdell Park and towards the Hawaiian Electric Waiau Power Plant.  

Puuloa Springs Native Hawaiian Garden is a Rotary Club of Pearlridge (RCOP) sustainable, green and environmental community project that is based on the Hawaiian culture while inviting the community to learn, care, and enjoy a beautiful landscape and thriving collection of Hawaiian plants, flowers, and trees. The RCOP Puuloa Springs Native Hawaiian Garden Project started three years ago and is led by RCOP member Lasar McCabe who serves as Hawaiian garden coordinator and curator.

The Rotary Club of Pearlridge (Hawaii Rotary District 5000) and Mana Loa Nimitz Lions Club (Hawaii Lions District 50) are shining examples of two service organizations that partner throughout the year to care for the communities they serve and love while enhancing and beautifying neighborhood streets and landscapes for residents, their ohana, businesses, and visitors to enjoy and respect.

Mahalo to Mana Loa Nimitz Lions Club community volunteers who worked hard (Heart & Soul) while helping out on Saturday at Puuloa Springs:

President Dexter, Jay, Dennis, Sam, Jahde, Loreto, Mary, Diane, Wendell. Hallie, Hernan, Bryan T., Wendy, and Jason

As the RCOP President-Elect, my goal is to lead the expansion of community service outreach programs that will creatively strengthen our bond and partnership with the Mana Loa Nimitz Lions Club while also inspiring and growing community project-based partnerships and collaborations with Hawaii Rotary and Lions Clubs, as well as other service organizations.

Our success as community service partners has the potential to have a global reach of millions of Rotarians and Lions as our public image is shared through the outreach of lifechanging service projects that are recognized by both international service organizations.


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