JABSOM / HOME Project Off-site Meeting/Project

Aloha Rotarians and Friends, Thank you for your interest in participating in our Joint Service Project this Thursday in support of the HOME Project.

We are expecting a maximum of 20 families to serve, and about 50-60 Rotarians to volunteer, so if things get crowded, please be patient and feel free to go inside early to the air-conditioned Cafeteria and begin  fellowship. This is a kid-friendly event, so please bring your children.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the medical school campus.  To maximize publicity, please wear your Rotary shirts and bring your Club Banner and AG Banner.

When:  Thursday, August 1st, 5pm to 8pm.  Please feel free to come and go as convenient and best for you. Where:  We will be meeting at the parking lot of Kakaako Waterfront Park (102 Ohe St, Honolulu, HI 96813).

Please see attached maps.  As soon as you enter the parking lot, the Mobile Clinic RV and popup tents will be set up to your right side (Ewa / West).  You can park in any of the stalls in the parking lot.  Our Potluck and Guest Speaker Event will be at the JABSOM Cafeteria, walking distance of the Parking Lot.  We will have signs and people standing by to direct traffic.

What:  There will be Four Activities outlined below.

Please coordinate drop off of items with each Section Point of Contact.   (For easier viewing, please see attached spreadsheet.)

Timeline:   HYGIENE KITS SERVE DINNER TOUR RV/CLINIC POTLUCK/FELLOWSHIP Section Point of Contact Mylene Reyes Carol Riley James Ham Konrad Ikei RC Hickam Pearl Harbor RC Waikiki RC Honolulu Sunset RC Ala Moana 808-330-6265, 808-392-5439, 360-480-7194, 808-561-4464

5:00 pm  ARRIVAL – collect items, assemble kits collect and organize items organize tours every 15 min collect and organize items

5:30 pm distribute kits serving food continue tours collect and organize items

6:00 pm finish distribution, move to cafeteria finish serving food, move to cafeteria continue tours begin serving Rotarians at informal Potluck Dinner


7:45pm ADJOURN, CLEAN UP, ADDITIONAL TOURS IF NEEDED 8:00pm END OF PROJECT   Assigned Items Lists (What to Bring): HYGIENE KITS x 20       Mylene Reyes   ITEM (family size if can) CLUB RC Hickam Pearl Harbor   Shampoo Pau Hana 808-330-6265   Conditioner Hickam Pearl Harbor     Toothbrushes Honolulu Sunset     Toothpaste Honolulu Sunset     Soap Waikiki     Lotion All others     Wash clothes Honolulu Sunset     Bags Hickam Pearl Harbor                 SERVE DINNER x 20-30       Carol Riley   ITEM CLUB RC Waikiki   Salads/Appetizers Waikiki 808-392-5439   Veggies/Fruits Hickam Pearl Harbor     Pizzas Honolulu Sunset     Sides Ala Moana     Desserts Pau Hana     Drinks All others     Plates/Cups/Silverware/Napkins Honolulu Sunset                 POTLUCK/FELLOWSHIP   ITEM CLUB Konrad Ikei   Salads/Appetizers Waikiki RC Ala Moana   Veggies/Fruits Hickam Pearl Harbor 808-561-4464   Mains Honolulu Sunset     Sides Ala Moana     Desserts Pau Hana     Drinks All others     Alcohol BYOB     Plates/Cups/Silverware/Napkins Honolulu Sunset Note:  If you don’t see your club’s name on the list, please follow “All others” and bring Lotion and Soft Drinks/Water.  Thank you. Also: It is BYOB, so please drink responsibly and share 🙂 Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or need clarification.   Thank you! James Ham, President RC Honolulu Sunset, 360-480-7194, james.ham@gmail.com  


ATTACHMENTS: MAP #1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TWsnLpJbUMCIZCvSL3IzpDLEpo8dUVSZ MAP #2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wsi7tFUwGxLUZ5bBR9x6t241pPfQrSGX SPREADSHEET PLAN: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZJHZHIbUjwTMsFfY2GHpxes91zvOj48C


Aug 02 2019


3:00 am - 5:45 am


Service Project


Kakaako Waterfront Park / JABSOM
Kakaako Waterfront Park / JABSOM


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